Car Dry Cleaning

We provides specialised services in automotive dry cleaning in India. With our busy work and social lives, we hardly find time to maintain and clean our cars on a regular basis. Everyone loves going for long drives but that leaves your car dirty, dusty and it needs some pampering too. It is important to maintain and dry clean your car on a regular basis to fully remove stubborn dirt, nicotine stains and kill germs from the car upholstery and carpet which could be contributing to unpleasant, unwanted odour and might also be a source of fungus and germ infestation.

Car Cleaning image Car Cleaning image

What is Included

Car Dry Cleaning @ Rs. 899/- Onwards

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Matt Cleaning
  • Seats Cleaning
  • Interior Dry Cleaning
  • Dashboard Cleaning
  • Dashboard polishing
  • Leather Care Scotch Guard

Note*:- These will be Charged Extra

  • Exterior Washing
  • Exterior Polishing